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Mayfouk is a Lebanese village in Byblos (Jbeil) district, Mount Lebanon. It is located at 60 Km from Beirut, with altitudes that vary from 800m to 1100m. It was the second Maronite Patriarchal location in Lebanon.


Hike from the village of Niha, in the Shouf Region, from the tomb of Nabi Ayoub. After a tour in the fortress, we will head towards Jezzine on a smooth agricultural road.


A very beautiful hiking trail in the Matn region will be our destination. Part of the trail is on section 15 of the Lebanon Mountain Trail (LMT).

Deir El-Qamar - Maaser Beit El-Din

The trail will pass in the villages of Deir El-Qamar, Kfar Hamal, Kfar Katra, and Maaser Beit El-Din. Deir El-Qamar, the valley of Jisr El-Kadi, the valley of Rishmaya, the Barouk Mountains, and the valley of Beit El-Din...

Dmeit-Jisr El-Kadi

A very beautiful hiking trail in the Shouf region. The trail is part of a private eco-village in the area. Most of the trail will be on the sides of the amazing valleys of Shouf thus exposing us to splendid sceneries.


This hike started from the village of Himlaya in Metn to end in the village of Zeghrine

Footprints in Armenia

Footprints Nature Club spend 8 wonderful days in Armernia...